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Achieve healthier-looking skin through face yoga

We define muscle in our body so why not in our face?

My Face Fit Yoga promotes healthy and youthful
skin through non-invasive face yoga exercises.


We make face yoga accessible to people everywhere and support our teachers in their business


Our unique approach to Face yoga provides a cost effective alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures with the added benefit of reducing stress and promoting overall wellness.


As a face yoga teacher, you can offer specialised classes and differentiate yourself to enable your business to flourish.


We are accredited via the international Complementary Medical Association and provide all the training you need to offer face yoga classes to your clients. We offer a combination of live online classes and video tutorials. 

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My FaceFit Yoga has a dedicated and experienced team, motivated to helping people become the best they can be. My Face Fit Yoga is an expert in face yoga and in natural and holistic ways to rejuvenate and regenerate
your face.

Face yoga is an alternative to cosmetic surgery

Did you know that the first face lift surgery was first performed in Germany in 1901 and the first book on facial cosmetic surgery was published in 1907 in Chicago?

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have had until recently been the exclusive players in the correction of facial aging. Interventions such as injections with botulinum toxin (botox),  dermal fillers and facelifts, eye lid surgery, and laser  treatments have been some of the methods of choice to reverse or slow down the aging process.

Face yoga gives a more youthful glow

However in recent years  there is increasing interest in maintaining a youthful appearance and reducing facial aging by more holistic, less invasive and less expensive methods. Facial acupressure, facial acupuncture, natural face lift massage techniques, diet and face yoga have become the treatments of choice to maintain and restore a more youthful appearance.

At My Face Fit Yoga looking and feeling the very best that you can be is our priority .

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