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Jowls and Turkey Neck

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

‘Jowls’ and ‘Turkey Neck’ is skin on the neck and jaw line that has become thin and saggy. As we age the skin becomes drier and thinner and it loses some of the compounds that keep it in shape, such as connective tissue proteins elastin and collagen.

The skin around the cheeks and mouth slowly slip downwards and sit around the chin and jawline, creating jowls.

As we grow older some formation of jowls is likely to occur in all of us.

Causes of Jowls and turkey neck include

  • Age, the ultimate cause.

  • Heredity, Gravitation type( more about this later)

  • Stress

  • Repetitive Postural aging facial movements (Talking on the mobile phone for long periods)

  • History of sunburn

  • Smoking

  • Chronic alcohol abuse

  • Diet low in antioxidants, and essential fats

  • Poor skin hygiene

  • Extreme or rapid weight loss

  • Weight Gain

  • Sever or chronic illness

What can we do to reduce the appearance of Jowls

  • Maintain a healthy weight throughout your life

  • Eat a healthy diet and one rich in Collagen

  • Exercise your facial muscles consistently and regularly, particularly the upper and lower cheeks and jaw muscles

  • Perform gentle massage on your face and neck

  • Be kind to yourself and meditate regularly

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