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Beginners - Intermediate/Advanced

  • 24Weeks
  • 38Steps


Welcome to video 3, which includes the beginners, intermediate and advance face exercise system. The movements are a combination of the Eve Fraser face exercise system, face yoga techniques and gentle face massage. Please practice the movements in video 1 for at least 3 weeks before moving into video 2. Be sure to follow the sequence of the exercises in the order given. Perform the exercises gentle. Some of the movements in video 2 you will have already practiced in session 1. When you a feel competent with the exercises in video 2 you can begin to alternate the videos. So for instance one day you can do video 1 and the next day video 2 and so on. The frequency of performing the exercises depends on your age and general overall health. Here is a general guideline for the frequency of when to perform movements. 20-30 years around twice a week 30-40 years three to four times a week 40- 45 years four times a week 45- upwards up to five times a week. Always have 2 days rest from exercises each week. If you are unsure of how often to practice please connect with me and we can have a chat. Remember do not over exercise. Your facial muscles are your muscles of expression and if you over exercise you will introduce strain into your face. If you notice that your face looks strained please rest from exercise for a week or two and then pick it up again. Remember regular practice is key but don't over do it either.

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