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Who Are We?


About Me

Elaine Dowling is the founder of My Facefit Yoga the only teacher training school of face yoga in Ireland.


Elaine came to facial exercises in her 51st year and began her face rejuvenation journey in 2013 while studying facial exercises with Eve Fraser in London. She is the only teacher of the Eve Fraser method of facial exercises in  Ireland and trained directly with Eve herself. Following her initial training Elaine has gone on to develop her knowledge in facial rejuvenation by gaining qualifications and experience in face yoga, natural face lift massage, facial reflexology and management of TMJ.


Elaine originally trained and worked as a nurse before becoming interested in occupational  health and safety and in particular workplace stress. She holds a DIp.S.H.W.W from UCD and studied stress management with the Canadian institute of stress. She successfully developed a two day workshop on stress management titled ' The Relaxation Response' and studied Herbert Benson's Relaxation Response with I.M.M.A. in  Ireland. Elaine undertook a course of study  with Deepak Chopra  and trained as a primordial sound meditation teacher. Her work in face yoga is  built on the  management of stress and breathwork as the  foundation stone on how we build and rejuvenate the face.

Elaine is also a qualified Pilates teacher. She is passionate about health and wellbeing and has always asked the question ' What is it that makes us healthy?' It is this question that has taken her on a journey of exploring the mind, body connection of health and well being.

She is a long term practitioner of of spirituality and weaves her learning into her training courses.

Achieve healthier younger looking skin through Face YOGA

My FaceFit Yoga helps men and women achieve youthful skin through face yoga. We also offer studio and online Pilates classes.


Our comprehensive teacher training programme certifies beauticians, Pilates and yoga instructors and others as My FaceFit Yoga teachers.  This enables them to provide an additional service to their customers, both individual and group, and grow revenue.

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Rejuvenated and Restored and embracing life
I really enjoyed the My Face YOGA classes and I can see the benefits in my face. Bust most of all I feel very relaxed after the class. A lovely programme in self-care and nurturing.


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