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Teacher Training - My Facefit Yoga Exercise

Learn how to become a master in facial exercise so you can share these wonderful techniques with the people around you.

In 2013 I started my Facial exercises journey to improve and strengthen my drooping aging face. I was 51 years of age. I looked at many methods of facial exercise training and I finally settled on the following training courses. 

  • Eva Fraser Academy of Facial exercises

  • Natural Facelift Massage ( Facial Rejuvenation) London Centre of Indian Champissage.

  • Face yoga Diploma (Centre of Excellence)

  • The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method instructor course

  • Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

  • Facial Fitness for Facial Paralysis

  • Lifting and anti aging Face building Exercises.


The teacher training course I provide is a combination of all of the techniques I have learned through study and working with wonderful women and their faces over the years.

If we are really serious about looking and keeping well as we grow older then facial exercises on their own is not enough.

I have learned through the course of my work that keeping the face looking strong and vibrant needs to be approached on a number of fronts to ensure a successful outcome. Doing exercise alone will have some success but real success is realised when you support your face yoga practice with

  • targeted nutrition 

  • breath work

  • natural face lifting massage techniques

These can be supported with plant based products that care for your skin and care for the environment.  The integration of these practices will help you grow in health, vitality, and youthfulness resulting in a glowing face and body.

FFYT – FaceFit Yoga Teacher

As a self-employed F.F.Y.T you will have the opportunity to help change lives in a natural and holistic way. You will build a successful business while inspiring, motivating teaching  your students skills to look and feel amazing. Your work will be flexible and organised around your own schedule.


You will be helping people to embrace a new way of living that is safe, effective and natural and with no need for injectables. You can show your students that there are healthier choices.

As a leader in your field, you will be supported with the most current up to date knowledge on face yoga techniques, targeted nutrition, skin care and breath work.

The best training in the world!

Not only will you learn  how to care for your face in a new and holistic way but you will also learn how to promote and host a thriving FaceFit Yoga business. My FaceFit Yoga training is suitable for existing businesses such as beauticians,
massage therapists and holistic practitioners and those wishing to become self-employed.

My FaceFit Yoga training provides you with the option to

  • facilitate classes on line from anywhere in the world

  • facilitate live studio classes

  • offer private 1:1 teaching sessions

You can earn up to €3,200 p.m. for 16 to 20 hours per month.


Accredited - The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)

Teacher Training course syllabus


10 day online interactive training course.

Your trainer, Elaine Dowling is based in Ireland and offers potential teachers an online, live, interactive courseas well as running her own online face
yoga classes.

The training course is, first and foremost, a personal experience, open to beauty therapists, yoga and pilates teachers and to men and women who are enthusiastic, self motivated, wanting to learn new skills.

The training course will be delivered over a period of 10 days spread over 10 weeks. Students must attend all classes. 


Each individual acquires a full knowledge of our face yoga fitness system that can only be achieved through commitment and proficiency in the exercises.

Trainee teachers will learn

1. Anatomy and physiology of the face and neck

2. Facial exercises; basic, intermediate and advanced.

3. Face yoga techniques

4. Facial self-massage

5. Facial tapping and facial reflexology techniques 

6. Nutrition that feeds the skin - inside and out

7. Essential skin care                         

8. Breath work for facial rejuvenation

9. Recognise and understand facial pathologies and know when to refer on.

10. Setting up a business and marketing your classes.

Module Assessment Questions

Trainee teachers will practice 1:1 sessions with fellow trainees and practice facilitating a group class.

Trainee teachers who successfully complete training will be able to host their own 1:1 sessions with clients and host group classes. They will not be permitted to teach or train others as teachers of this method or use any of the course material or exercises.

Trainee teachers will be required to demonstrate proficiency of all exercises and facial musculature and complete a short assessment after each module.

A diploma will be awarded to students who have achieved the necessary high standards. The diploma will be awarded by My FaceFit Yoga.

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